Apple users are miserable

Windows 7 customers are a lot happier than those running Snow Leopard according to a new survey.

According to YouGov Plc, a London-based market-research firm, Microsoft got a bigger boost in customer satisfaction from its latest computer operating system than Jobs’ Mob users did from Apple’s most recent upgrade.

Respondents giving Microsoft a positive grade for satisfaction rose to 67 percent in the week after the October 22 release of Windows 7, from 64 percent the day before it went on sale,.

However Apple’s August. 28 release of its Snow Leopard software resulted in a boost of 1 point to 65 percent in the first week. This grew and by the end of the year, the increase was 6.9 percent. The fact that a few days after Snow Leopard was released, Apple released a mega patch fixing all the flaws in the OS can’t have helped much.

Customers satisfied with Redmond reached 73 percent on December 31, the highest since YouGov started surveying in 2007.

Apple did not make any comment on the survey, but then it never does.