Apple turns on Leopard users

Jobs’ Mob, now run by Tim “Apple” Cook,  is using the fact that its users are being hit by malware to force people to use Leopard to upgrade to the latest version, it is alleged.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald,  there had been a significant core of Apple fans who were “thinking differen’t” and decided that they did not need to follow the religion of upgrade every time Apple told you to.

This caused problems in Cappuccino because it was getting to the point where Leopard was becoming its XP and users were not moving.

Now it seems that the recent malware attacks on Apple machines are the perfect leverage needed to get Leopard users to pay up and buy Lion versions of the operating system.

The Flashback malware is not difficult to fix. Apple just needed to upgrade its users to the latest version of Java and work out a way of getting the bug off its machines.

But it looks like Apple is only helping Mac users running Mac OS 10.7 Lion and 10.6 Snow Leopard, issuing a Java update and Flashback removal tool.

This means that the 20 per cent of Mac users or so  running Mac OS 10.5 Lion or earlier are stuffed.

That is pretty rubbish, considering that Apple only stopped shipping machines running Leopard three years ago which is a short time in software terms.

You have to remember that a lot of people bought Apple gear because they had been told it just works. If it does work, just, then there is no reason to upgrade.

It is a pretty crap way to treat your users. If Microsoft ever did a stunt like that, many would shift to Linux. They would not move to Apple of course, because Apple forces you to upgrade every five minutes and queue around the block to buy your software.

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