Apple to crunch Candy Crush

The fruity cargo cult Apple is set to ban popular games like Candy Crush from its iTunes store even though fanboys are starting to spurn the service like a rabid dog.

Revamped policies in the iOS 8 App Store reveal that Candy Crush and other apps that reward you for social sharing could soon be booted.

Apps that provide users incentives for sharing on social networks aren’t the only ones to violate Apple’s latest terms and conditions for developers – those that provide in-game credit for watching videos are also under fire, along with apps that promote other apps.

Already Apple has started rejecting apps including those old games which had been updated. Apple is telling developers that games are violating guidelines around in-game credits for watching videos and promoting apps other than one’s own. Other developers have received rejection notices for using social sharing.

However with the iTunes store use declining, we are surprised Apple is keen to see the death of its App store too.

This sort of app monetisation plan is really popular and Apple’s policies will have a huge effect on developers. Platforms like Tapjoy, which lets you download an app instead of making an in-game payment, will clearly be affected as well.

Jobs’ Mob hopes to clean the App Store of the apps made just to earn cash, but it is clear that legit titles could be squashed.