Apple thinks women in bikinis are sexually inappropriate

Sexually chaste firm Apple apparently removed 5,000 apps from the iPhone app store last Friday, and came up with a set of rules that indicates the censors at the Cupertino minds have dirtier minds than their customers.

According to developer Chillifresh, it spoke with Apple at the end of the week and came up with a list of things that were sexually inappropriate and would warrant removal from the app store.

Those are images of women (and men) in bikinis, people in skating tights, people showing skin, silhouettes that could be forced to wobble, nothing with sexual connotations or innuendo and certainly nothing that could be sexually arousing.

Chillifresh has an application called Wobble that’s been on the app store because it has overtly sexual content. Chillifresh points out that the Playboy app is still on sale on App Store.

Sex does sell, but it’s obvious the puritanical Apple Inc doesn’t want its stlyish name to be dragged through the online brothel that is today’s internet.

So here, pictured, is a particularly gratuitous example of a woman wearing a bikini from a time when the bikini hadn’t even been invented – from the fourth century CE. We have masked the woman’s face to protect her identity.