Apple takes a leaf out of Microsoft's book

While the rest of the world is concerned that Microsoft’s new Windows 8 looks too much like a touch tablet, Apple has given the idea the thumbs up.

So much so, in true Apple style, it has copied Microsoft’s idea in its new Mountain Lion software of which details are emerging.


Corners of the press have praised the idea of making Macs even more like iPads. When Jobs showed off Lion, Mountain Lion’s predecessor, he talked about a light, streamlined operating system which was like what would happen if MacBook and iPad ‘hooked up’.

There are lots of features which are familiar from iOS devices such as iPhone’s iMessage communication software.

While the Apple friendly press is praising Cupertino for doing this, it is less complementary about Microsoft doing the same thing.

Windows 8 is also based on what Vole has been doing watching the take off of Mobile devices. But instead of getting praise, Microsoft is accused of ignoring its PC base and making the traditional GUI a mess.

So what is the difference? It would appear that Apple is doing the unthinkable and trying to copy what Microsoft is doing.

But in this case it is not really who thought of the idea first which is important.

Microsoft is trying to push an idea of an integrated PC, tablet and mobile world controlled by a single interface. This is straight from the Jobs Walled Garden philosophy, yet Microsoft is also doing what it has always done. When something successful comes into the market, Microsoft sits and watches and then counter-attacks.

Windows 8 was Microsoft’s counter attack for mobile. Only this time it has Apple doing exactly the same thing. What this is starting to look like is that Microsoft’s mobile PC front will be accepted because everyone else will be doing it.

For it to stay ahead, Apple needed to be innovating at this point and not coming up with the same thing that Microsoft is doing. Rather than roaring, our guess is that the Mountain Lion will be looking the same as everyone else.