Apple sues Amazon over "app store"

Fruity peddler of broken iDreams Apple is suing the online bookstall Amazon, claiming that it invented the words “app store”.

Apple has been getting very defensive about the phrase “app store” lately. Microsoft has appealed to the Trademark and Patent Office to stop Jobs’ Mob from suing everyone for using it.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Jobs’ Mob is not waiting for the Trademark and Patent Office to make its ruling and is already suing Amazon.

In a complaint filed Friday in federal court for the Northern District of California, Apple asked the court for an injunction stopping Amazon from using the name as well as unspecified damages.

Apparently Apple followers are so dim that they will not be able to tell if they are buying software from Amazon or from Jobs’ Mob’s walled garden of iTunes delights, Apple said.

Amazon apps are not approved by Steve Jobs, but Apple customers will think they are, if they are sold from an “app store”, the complaint read.

Of course protecting the terminally stupid might not be the real reason for the lawsuit.

Apple and Amazon are competing against each other in many businesses including e-books as well as digital music and movie sales.

If you can’t compete, it is always better to sue your competition in a trademark dispute. That way if your rival is more successful than you, at least you get a cut of the profits.

Apple registered for a trademark on the term app store on 17 July, 2008. It has been using the name since then to refer to its applications store for iPhones, iPod touches and iPads.

However the evil Amazon started using the phrase around January of this year to refer to its mobile-software download service.

Amazon points out that its “Appstore” has no space and uses a lower case ‘s’.

Still, this must be up there with NCR which claimed it invented the word Tower for upright PCs orIntel thinking it invented the letter i.