Apple pledges not to stalk customers

Fruity cargo cult Apple has agreed not to stalk its customers through its Safari browser.

Jobs’ Mob is the latest browser maker to announce that it is installing a “do not track” feature in its software.

So far there has been Microsoft and Mozilla who have installed the feature, we guess in a couple of weeks the tame Apple press will be telling us that Steve Jobs invented the “do not track feature” from his sick bed and everyone else copied him.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the “do not track” tool is included within the latest test release of Lion which will be out later in summer.

Do-not-track tools in browsers automatically send out messages to websites and online-advertising networks not to track their movements.

With Apple signed up for one, Google is the only major provider that hasn’t yet committed to supporting a do-no-track capability with its Chrome browser.

Most of the major online advertising networks have refused to back the idea, which might require legislation to be enforced.

It is unlikely that Apple will lose out on gaining information on its customers. Apple has created a walled garden of services and knows everything about its customers because they buy from within the walled garden.

Anyway, even amongst followers of Apple, Safari use is limited. Only 6.6 percent of web browser use on the internet uses Jobs’ Mob’s browser, compared with 55.9 per cent for Internet Exploder and 21.8 per cent for Firefox.