Apple copies glorious North Korean operating system

The imperial fascist lapdogs in the Western media have finally noticed that the glorious technical engineering prowess of the North Korean people has far exceeded its own.

The latest version of the Apple OSX platform looks a lot like the Red Star OS which was personally designed by Kim Jong-un in his dinner break on the back of a copy of the Workers Digest.

Red Star OS is the country’s “home-grown” software that is installed on computers found mostly in libraries and schools. Previously the North Koreans said that it inspired the Microsoft’s Windows system and it did bear an uncanny resemblance to XP.

Despite living in a country very much shut off from the outside world, many people in North Korea do have access to technology including mobile phones. Internet access, for instance, is locked down, with most users able to visit only a handful of sites mostly serving up state-sponsored news.

Like the MacOS, Red Star OS is peppered with North Korean propaganda. Its calendar tells users it is not 2014, but 103 – the number of years since the birth of former North Korean leader Kim Il-sung. We are told that Apple considered developing a calendar using Steve Jobs’ birthday but that was rejected and being too far ahead of its time.

This latest version is believed to have been released some time in 2013. Imperialist media snort that North Korea must have copied Apple, some even believe that Kim Il-sung has not got the smarts to produce an operating system of his own and it must have been developed by the Chinese. But everyone in North Korea knows that it was Kim Il-sung who inspired Apple and the Chinese and before that Microsoft.