Apple co-founder steps into Toyota row

Gadget mad dancing queen, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has told the world+dog that Toyota’s troubles with a defective accelerator pedal may have to do with software.

Woz noticed that his Prius sped up while in cruise-control when his dancing shoes were miles away from the pedal.

His view was that “cannot be a sticky accelerator pedal…. There might be some bad software in there.”

This will all be news to Toyota which was not thinking that there were any problems with the Prius until Woz complained about it.

It is currently wrestling with a random acceleration problem and had to recall of eight million vehicles worldwide and a halt to US sales of eight models.

Toyota has responded by offering to borrow Wozniak’s car for a week to test it.

Woz said that he loved his car but said it was like a radio button that doesn’t work all the time. The car will start to accelerate in cruise control. You can hit the brake to stop it.