Apple censors Opera-mini

Jobs’ Mob has finally agreed to allow the Opera mini browser to be downloaded from its App store.

While it is news that Apple is allowing another browser to run on its shiny toys other than its piss-poor Safari, the story has been overshadowed by the fact that Jobs’ Mob will only allow you to download the program if you are over 17.

While Apple has been very good at keeping risqué apps out of the paws of kiddies, it is hard to see how Opera mini is going to shock children any more than Safari.

Apple claims that Opera has “Frequent/Intense Mature/Suggestive Themes”. We would have thought that was the entire Internet rather than a browser. Having used Opera we can safely say that it is marginally less suggestive than a railway timetable.

Clearly Apple is being extremely petty with a rival browser, but full marks go to Opera’s VP of Desktop Products Jan Standal who told Mashable  that he was very concerned that his browser is still available to 17 year olds.

“I’m very concerned. Seventeen is very young, and I am not sure if, at that age, people are ready to use such an application. It’s very fast, you know, and it has a lot of features. I think the download requirement should be at least 18.”

He also points out that you can simply download the browser at, even if you’re under 17 years of age. The Opera site is in the EU where censorship laws a little less 1940s Disney and we are not shocked by the sight of a woman’s ankle.

The irony of Standal will sail over the heads of many Americans and particularly Apple users who will probably download the browser with lots of sniggering.