Apple can't run a simple update

Angry users of Apple’s TV product are furious that the outfit’s superior networking technology cannot manage to carry out a simple update.

Apple’s TV user forums are packed to the gunnels with people who have not been able to run the update for a couple of weeks.

The update was vital to some users who were experiencing Apple’s infamous Green Screen of Death, which is like Microsoft’s blue screen of death – only being green is far superior and a tribute to Steve Jobs’ genius.

Victims of Apple’s customer service have been told by Apple’s support desk that there is a problem with the servers which are supposed to be organising the update.

However as one angry Apple user pointed out to TechEye after a week and a half trying to fix a problem it is fairly clear that Jobs’ Mob does not know what it is doing.

“This level of networking ineptitude does not bode well for Apple’s iCloud. If Apple can’t manage its servers to run a simple update, how is it going to do the serious stuff,” he moaned.

Officially Apple is refusing to admit that there is a problem. Which is driving more of its customers insane.

One user said that he was furious that Apple would not even admit that there was an issue which made it really hard to find out that there was even a problem,

“I had to search and dig before finding out about this. I called tech support about a week ago, but they would not specifically tell me what the problem was, but to just check the update in a few days to see if it was working,” he said.

He pointed out that he works as a DBA, and if he ever tried to pull that line on his customers, he would be hung out to dry.