Apple can’t eat its own dog food

Apple is so confident of the superiority of its software that it has placed it in the forefront of its production lines. Nah not really, it depends entirely on Microsoft Windows.

Geek Magazine found a snap of Microsoft CEO Tim Cook inspecting the production lines in Austin, Texas manufacturing facility where the Pro is put together.

Apple is apparently jolly keen to tell the world+dog that its Mac Pro production line is supporting manufacturing on US soil, thus making it all Americans’ patriotic duty to buy a Mac. Of course that does not apply to the iPad and iPhone which are made in China, but that is not the point.

Cook tweeted the photo to show the world that he could work with Americans. Sadly, it also showed another dirty little secret that Apple has.

Manufacturing the Mac Pro involves the use of the Windows operating system and the photo shows Windows running on iMacs right down the production line. To make it even more embarrassing it would appear to be Windows XP, although Windows 7 or some release of Windows Embedded can’t be ruled out, either. One wonders what Apple could do if it actually splashed out on some modern software.

It also begs the question, if iOS is so great, why are you running your “state of the art” production line on ancient Microsoft software. Is it because iOS is actually Windows five years ago?

It also makes Cook’s recent claim the latest version of iOS Mavericks “is the fastest adoption ever of any PC operating system in history” look a bit silly. Cook told a company rally that Mavericks was cleaning Windows 8’s clock because it had been adopted so fast. The statement was shown to be statistically unsound, but it is fairly clear that if Apple is too scared to trust Mavericks on its own production line, so there must be something wrong with it.