Apple app was racist, but it's not racist any more

Fruity cargo cult Apple is so famous for its super controls on software at its App store that nothing can slip through that is possibly malevolent.


So it is a little unusual that Jobs’ Mob apparently gave the thumbs up to software which can change a photo so that it is “nigger brown”.

The Picture Effect Magic app was just what you wanted if you were a member of the KKK who felt that their white politicians were a little too liberal. All you had to do was press the “nigger brown” button on your iPhone and your white liberal became “a nigger”.

We bet they were laughing in all those bars in the South where drinkers had the opposable thumbs which could use an iPhone.

Apple refused to comment as to why it thought the app was a good idea, however we have been informed that the app has quickly released a version 1.8.1, with a release date of June 14, 2011.

The colour effect that was called “54 Nigger-brown” in the previous version, is just “brown.” It looks like a fix for the app was pushed through quicker than usual due to the publicity.

The author of the app is listed as “lin xuehua.” who said “Feel so sorry to have expression mistake,New version will coming soon(sic)” .