Android phone makers sued again

Putting Android on a mobile phone is probably the fastest way to get yourself into a US court, short of shooting the president.

As Android starts to get popular it seems that every company, and patent troll in the world wants a piece of it.

This time, LG and Samsung are both being sued by an outfit called Vertical Computer Systems. It claims that the LG Ally, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Captivate, Galaxy Fascinate, Galaxy Epic, Galaxy Mesmerize and the i500 touch-screen mobile phone violate its patents.

Vertical says that it is a “provider of Internet core technologies, administrative software, and derivative software application products through its distribution network.” It says in its suit that LG and Samsung infringed two patents related to a “system and method for generating Web sites in an arbitrary object framework.”

Also named in the same case are Interwoven, an enterprise software company, which Vertical says infringed on one of the same patents as LG and Samsung.

The case was filed its in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.

Vertical has been in the news before. It sued Microsoft in 2008 also for infringing on one of the same patents, word on the street was that Redmond wrote a cheque for $1,533,000 to make the case go away.

Other patent cases for Android include Microsoft’s vs Motorola, Apple vs HTC, Oracle vs Google, Gemalto vs Google, Samsung, Motorola and HTC; and Apple vs Motorola.

The next thing that will happen is that Vertical will apply to the iTC to get Samsung and HTC products banned from import into the US. We are only guessing but that is the normal thing in these cases.

All these patent cases do not seem to be deterring phone companies from sticking the open saucy operating system on their devices.