Android is like peeing in your pants

While he is in the process of cleaning out his desk, Nokia’s outgoing chief smartphone person, Anssi Vanjoki, appears to be keen to make a splash in the headlines.

Getting enthusiastic about his forthcoming release, Vanjoki decided to go onto the attack against the Open Sauce free operating system Android.

According to the Financial Times he said that people who used android were like “people pissing in their pants to keep warm”.

We are not sure if the phrase translates well from Finnish, but there is no other nicer way of putting it. We know that it gets jolly cold in Finland so we guess that he is speaking from experience.

The phrase means that mobile phone manufacturers who use Android are only giving themselves temporary relief, being somewhat blind to the stinging possibility that Android-use will not bring them long-term profits.

Of course he could have said that, probably with lots of words like “leverage”, “paradigm” and “user experience” thrown in. But instead the CEO of the world’s largest phone maker opted for a Nintendo reference.

It is jolly sad that someone with a colourful tern of phrase should be leaving the company. This is the same bloke who a few years ago was over the moon after receiving a speeding ticket of €116,000. Vanjoki was riding a Harley in the capital, Helsinki last year.

He was driving at 75 km/h (47 mph) in a 50km/h (31 mph) the time and in Finland fines are calculated on the basis of your income.   Still a fine like that will loosen anyone’s bladder.