Android is about to speed up, Gonzales!

An open saucy project to speed up Android has just worked out a way to speed up the software by between 30 and 100 per cent.

The Linaro open source software project has been tweaking Google Android to use the gcc 4.7 toolchain.

Bits of Android now go much faster than the version of Android Google 4.0 Google currently offers through the AOSP (Android Open Source Project).

It is not certain if Google will look at the project at all, let alone bring in any of the changes, but some third party developers are reported to be taking advantage of Linaro’s optimisations.

According to Reddit, the CyanogenMod custom ROM team has started incorporating Linaro’s tweaks, and a Galaxy Nexus developer is compiling his own build of Linaro Android 4.0.

Early reports are that it goes like the clappers. This will be good news because Android 4.0 was quite fast when used on good hardware.

Where Android needs to pull its socks up is on the slower CPUs and it is not clear if the Linaro changes will help these yet. has video showing the differences between the Android 4.0 and the Open Saucy souped up new comer.