Analysts say Microsoft will stay ahead in office apps market

Analysts have said that Microsoft’s Office 2010, which launched to businesses today, will keep it ahead in the market, despite it playing catch up to some of Google’s apps.

As well as a number of new features and improved functions in the programs within Office, Microsoft is giving users of Office 2010 an online version of its software, which includes lightweight versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote that allow users to view, edit and share documents online. These are very similar to Google’s web app offerings, which include  word processing, spreadsheet software and presentation capabilities.

However analysts at Gartner told TechEye that although Google and Microsoft shipped new products within one week of each other, it didn’t see market shares changing much in the short term.

Michael Silver, Gartner research vice president, told TechEye: “Each time Microsoft launches a new product there’s a lot of fuss around it. Office 2010 is actually playing catch up to Google’s apps as there are many things this product has that Microsoft doesn’t.

“However, there are also features in Office 2010 that Google hasn’t yet got. While Google is some competition to Microsoft it will still be hard for the company to break into a market that already has millions of Mircosoft users.”

Microsoft has yet to confirm the exact release date for home users so we can test it out against Google for ourselves.