AMD says Catalyst drivers the most stable in the cosmos

AMD is boasting that its Catalyst graphics drivers are definitely the most “stable and reliable” on the market, according to an independent group it didn’t slip an envelope to under the table. 

The third party, Perseus Labs, tested reliability and stability over AMD’s competitors, though we’re not sure exactly what Catalyst was put up against. Really.  AMD is keen to point out that only its products running through the hardware and driver gauntlets had a 100 percent pass rate – meaning test runs with no system failures or crashes at all. 

AMD also trumpets that keeping up to date with its drivers will give a user tangible gains in performance. They’re monthly. This most recent update includes the DivX Plus Codec pack for Radeon HD 6800 and HD 6900 series as well as software support for OpenGL 4.1. 

AMD has also introduced what it calls an “intuitive” user interface, available for all Radeon drivers and Catalyst. It teamed up with design geeks at Infusion. The idea is the control hubs are quicker and easier to get around, nicking concepts from the humble web browser – including a navigation bar and search field to get around quickly.