AMD helps Chinese kids to get into game development

AMD is recruiting kids in Beijing to encourage them to do its bidding and get involved in game development, with its Activate! website having just been translated into Mandarin and deployed at its first not-for-profit school in the area, the Dandelion Middle School.

The idea behind the website, which is available via the Beijing school’s intranet, encourages teens to design and program video games with relative ease. The site includes tutorials for making games, as well as example games to play around with and a gallery of user-generated games. There will be four week long workshops that will talk the students through how to use the game development tool.

It’s part of AMD’s Changing the Game initiative, which aims to kick-start and nuture interest and talent in the gaming industry in China. Its nonsense strap line is “Taking Root in China, Winning the Future Together” – but in real terms it means helping kids out and improving on critical science, tech, engineering and mathematics skills, as well as developing games that focus on social content.

Allyson Peerman of the AMD foundation reckons it could be a stepping stone for grabbing more Chinese partners to “advance youth game development”.

AMD has given 30 Founder systems running on its Athlon II x3 425 processors to the school.