AMD dismisses the app store approach

Chipmaker AMD has ruled out developing an app store as a method of pushing its GPGPU approach.

Xbit claims that AMD might be missing a trick by not adopting the app store model to popularise software that can use GPUs for computing.

The argument is that GPGPU has not taken off because punters do not know which programs support GPGPU and continue to buy applications that use x86 processing cores.

Neal Robison, senior director of content and application support at AMD said that he looked at setting up an app store to make sure consumers got the right software or recommend them the programs, but axed the idea.

AMD was interested in helping consumers get good applications but was not focused on creating a commercial app store.

He didn’t rule out a centralised, one-stop location where users can easily find applications that are accelerated by AMD Fusion APU-powered PCs and Fusion education material.

But, he is worried that encouraging consumers to get only APU/GPU-accelerated programs may not be a good idea from a marketing perspective.

Some punters might get the impression that AMD Fusion-based platforms can run only some applications truly well when this is not the case, he said,