Amazon puts Kindle on Macs

Online retailer has unveiled “Kindle for Mac”, an application which lets regular Mac users buy and read books on their PC, instead of having to shell out for a Kindle ebook reader. Discerning Apple munchers who don’t want to spend money on a lesser-specced iPad can simply head over to and download Kindle for Mac, for free. claims the Mac bunch can have a looksee and choose from over 450.000 books and oh-so many New York Times bestsellers. Bookmarks and notes will be automatically synchronized over various devices, so if you hit page 417 of Umberto Eco’s “Foucault’s Pendulum” you won’t have to fiddle around on 23 various devices until you get there. Full text search and notes aren’t part of Mac for Kindle yet, but  those features will be added in the future.

Steve Jobs won’t be seen using Kindle for Mac, as he’ll be showcasing his flashy new iPad, trying to convince people how revolutionary his tablet and ebook reader will be. However, Amazon is going to put Kindle software on the iPad, so one might indeed catch a glimpse of Steve-O secretly reading the Financial Times on an app that doesn’t place the publisher into a walled garden surrounded by Apple watchtowers.