Adobe's AIR on Android will aggravate Apple

Software firm Adobe said its AIR on mobile devices will provide support for Google Android in 2010 as part of its Open Screen Project.

It also said in Barcelona that it has introduced a beta of its Flash Player 10.1 – the full Flash Player will support Android, Blackberries, Symbian OS, webOS and Windows Mobile.

But not, of course Apple, because Apple doesn’t love Adobe very much – and it’s not very likely to love it any more after today’s Adobe announcement.

Adobe believes that over 250 million smartphones will support Flash Player by the end of 2012. But not Apple’s iPhone or the iPad.

The idea of AIR, which Adobe hopes is not hot air, is to create web apps outside the constraints of web browsers and across different devices.  Adobe said that a developer using Flash Professional C5 with the Adobe Packager for the iPhone can re-use the iPhone app code to create the same application for Android.

So Adobe’s announcement today is really a carefully coded attempt to persuade Apple to come onboard too. Apple’s Steve Jobs isn’t necessarily into these kind of codes, so he’ll probably just store up the message for future reference.