Adobe starts to rent its software

One of the standards of the desktop publishing industry, Adobe, has decided to start renting its expensive software.

The Adobe CS suite is one of the most commonly used desktop publishing software kits out there. The downside is that it is outrageously expensive with a price tag of $1,899 for the all singing, all dancing version.

As a result it is fairly popular among pirates and hacked copies are installed as standard in many publishing houses of Eastern Europe.

Adobe is working out a way to combat that problem, however it is not proposing to reduce the price.

The cunning plan is to rent the software out on a monthly basis.

If you want the premium version you will only have to pay a monthly fee of $129. Every 30 days your software will phone Adobe and checks to make sure your credit card is still valid.

If for any reason you can’t pay, you get a 5-day grace period before the software is bricked.

Adobe says that you’ll be able to subscribe starting with CS5.5.

It seems to make financial sense if you are going to upgrade the software a lot and there is no encouragement for you to get even the slightest sniff of a discount if you decide to buy the full product.

Still it is a bit of a first for Adobe, and probably the industry, which has been reluctant to try such schemes in the past.