Adobe sales give Apple a taste of reality

The Jobs’ Mob received a sudden and deeply unpleasant wake up call this morning as Adobe released its sales figures.

Apple, in an alliance with its chums in the US tech press, has been screaming to the world+dog that Adobe, and its Flash plug-in is on its way out.

Jobs has been talking to media companies trying to convince them that Flash is about to be replaced by HTML 5.

This flew in the face of reality which had Flash being used by nearly every computer in the world with an internet connection. But Steve Jobs made the pronouncement so the US IT press said it must be true. Except it wasn’t.

In fact Adobe claims it has not seen any impact from the dispute with Apple.

Chief Executive Shantanu Narayen told Reuters that Adobe’s Creative Suite 5 software line, which includes Flash programs, was selling better than Creative Suite 4.

The outfit’s revenue rose 34 percent from a year earlier to $943 million during the fiscal second quarter ended June 4, handily beating the average analyst forecast of $906 million.

Adobe also forecast current-quarter revenue ahead of Wall Street projections.

So how can an outfit which has been cursed by Steve Jobs and his IT press cronies be actually doing so well?

The problem is that Steve is a magician when it comes to media manipulation. He has managed to use it to convince people that a netbook without a keyboard is a pretty neat idea, particularly if it costs punters more than three times what it cost Steve to build it.

In the case of Adobe, Steve has been trying to convince the world that black is white and no amount of spinning of reality can change the universe that much. It is a fact that Adobe is doing quite well and Flash is on most of the world’s PCs.