Adobe releases beta 64-bit version of Flash

It looks like Adobe is moving to get its Flash software out of 32 bit and into the more up-to-date 64-bit versions.

True, it is doing so at glacial speed, but given that it did not look like it would bother at one point many of us were wondering what it was playing at.

Until today, Adobe stopped providing updates on the experimental 64-bit Flash Player for Linux.

However, now it seems that they have just released a beta Flash Player 11 and it includes native 64-bit support for Linux and Windows.

In fact, when Adobe killed off its experimental 64-bit Flash Player earlier this year, it promised that it would release a 64-bit version of Flash Player for Linux when they release the next major version.

Certainly early reports are that with Flash Player 11, the performance has improved and flash video is now a lot smoother.

To be fair to Adobe, there are not that many 64 bit browsers out there. Microsoft and Mozilla offer experimental versions. Adobe had been offering a preview release of Flash Player with the codename “Square” which includes full support for 64-bit web browsers on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux computers from Adobe Labs.

Meanwhile most of the hardware and software out there is increasingly moving to 64-bit, Adobe had been holding back the industry when it comes to 64-bit internet use.