Adobe launches HTML5 Pack for Illustrator

Adobe has today launched its HTML5 Pack for its vector graphics software Illustrator CS5, which will give graphics designers HTML5 and CSS3 support for scalable vector graphics, aiding the push towards wider implementation of HTML5 on the web.

The HTML5 Pack allows web designers to use Illustrator for designing content for their websites, which can be imported into Adobe’s website design software Dreamweaver, which recently received its own HTML5 support.

In addition to HTML5 and CSS3 support, the Pack gives further additions to scalable vector graphic and canvas technology, allowing easy multi-screen authoring and better integration with Dreamweaver. This allows website designers more control over content and a wider range of tools to deliver it.

Apple’s St. Eve of Jobs has touted HTML5 as the end of Flash, another of Adobe’s key products. Clearly Adobe doesn’t think it’s antithetical to the use of Flash.

HTML5 is the future of the web and Adobe is keen to ensure its vector graphics software is able to deliver what web designers want. Failure to provide this feature could lead to designers going elsewhere, embracing a different product that includes the functionality, so Adobe was clearly keen to go with the times. It may also be hoping to see Flash and HTML5 side by side, rather than as bitter enemies.

In a way it’s two fingers up to Apple as much as it is an extension of Illustrator’s capability, as it is telling the world that Adobe is supporting HTML5 instead of standing against it. Apple clearly stood against Flash until recently, buckling under pressure from developers over limiting their development tools.

The HTML5 Pack is a free download for those who already own Adobe Illustrator CS5, which has an estimated price of around £606.30.