Adobe boosts marketing suite with Efficient buy

Adobe has bought a company called Efficient Frontier which specialises in adverts in the channel. 

Essentially, by splashing out on Efficient Frontier Adobe can improve its own Digital Marketing Suite and abilities for flogging ads to companies and in turn companies flogging ads to wherever else.

In an uncharacteristically thrilling statement, Adobe SVP for digital marketing said its customers will want to know exactly how they can spend dosh to get the best return. Efficient Frontier will give Adobe’s Digital Marketing Suite a bit more shine to adverts online. 

Efficient Frontier’s software will give Adobe a way to push more ads in Facebook. Facebook is essential to Efficient Frontier’s algorithms – basically, predicting results and targeted adverts.

Those capabilities will sit with Adobe SearchCenter [sic] which already runs with Facebook ad buying. Likewise, Adobe will integrate Efficient Frontier’s software into its own Adobe SocialAnalytics, which aims to maximise return based on what people are chattering about on the web.

Adobe’s SearchCenter [sic] + has paid search management included, so Efficient Frontier, the company says, will complement that nicely by introducing search portfolio optimisation. 

Adobe hasn’t disclosed how much it has spent on Efficient Frontier, but considering the song and dance it’s making we’d estimate it wasn’t a modest sum.

As usual with these things, the board has to agree and governments must approve. Adobe reckons the deal will close in Q1 of Adobe’s 2012 fiscal year.