Adobe and Google join forces

Google and Adobe are working on a secret deal to bundle Adobe’s Flash with Google’s Chrome browsers and operating systems.

We are expecting an official announcement later today or tomorrow about a deep partnership between the two.

If the two pair up it will deliver a body blow to Apple Steve Jobs‘ cunning plan to rid the Internet of Flash and replace with something which does as it is told.

A team up could resolve a few of the problems that Adobe has had with Flash as users start expecting a bit more from Internet multimedia.

The software is buggy and does not run on 64-bit Windows systems.

An alliance would give Adobe access to some significant Internet expertise. It would also give Google some technology to beat Apple’s iPhone up with.

Jobs has refused to let his precious iPhone work on sites that use Flash and has instead been trying to order tame media sites to dump the technology.

If Flash gets a second chance running on Android gizmos the accessibility it has on more than 90 percent of the world’s websites could count against Apple in the long run.