Activision looks for raw talent

Activision will be keeping an eye out for fresh talent at this month’s MIDEM international music market for one unknown or up-and-comer to get a track featured in popular scratching-sim DJ Hero.

The show, runnng from the 24th to the 27th January in Cannes, shows off international bands and artists intending to be seen and claw their way to the top of the music biz. Activision will be keeping a close eye on ten finalists, much as it did last year when Attack! Attack! and The Answer were unearthed and had tracks plonked onto similar music rhythm games Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Hero World Tour.

All sorts of music will be welcomed for the entrants, be it hip hop, dance or what have you – the single biggest factor is that it will be heavily mixable and make for good gameplay on a DJ Hero set.

The top dogs judging the finalist will be Tim Riley, VP of music affairs at Activision, joined by Brandon Young and Sergio Pimentel from the same lot. Ofei Sakyi, senior music producer at Freestyle will also be along for the ride as well as some ‘music industry professional’ bloke called TBC. Never heard of him.

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