Acer rushes to the defence of MeeGo

It has been a week of new leases of life for mobile operating systems thought to be bound for the knacker’s yard.

First Stephen Elop breathed new life into the Symbian platform by insisting that the OS would be used in its phones for years yet. Now it seems that Meego has been rescued from the glue factory by  Acer. The hardware maker has said that it will launch a 10 inch tablet using the open source software.

Techeye revealed today that Meego is not expected to last much longer than eight months. It appears that there are some remnants of hope for the platform which looks unlikely to survive the competition when Windows 8 arrives.  It has been ditched by smartphone manufacturer Nokia recently in favour of the Windows Phone OS.

Now, using Intel’s Atom processor Acer will launch the tab which was unveiled at the Computex trade show, as part of its Iconia ‘M’ Series, using Meego to run the device.

It is somewhat of a different approach to how many tablets have been shipped so far, largely relying on a combination of ARM chip and either Android or iOS.

Although it has not been stated by Acer, it is likely that the new tablet will feature Intel’s take on the low powered ARM chip, the much anticipated Cedar Trail.

But while Intel has talked up more netbooks and tablets using MeeGo, it appears it could be little more than its swansong with Windows mobile software on the way.