IBM takes aim at exaflop computing

IBM client centre, Montpelier, FranceBig Blue said it is collaborating with French high performance agency GENCI to create computers that perform at least one exaflop.

An exaflop represents a billion billion calculations in a second.

IBM said that the fastest systems in the world now operate at between 10 and 33 petaflop and that’s only around one to three percent the speed of exascale computing.… Read the rest

Windows 10 keeps talking to Microsoft

GossipEven when it is told not to, Windows 10 compulsively chats to Redmond sparking privacy concerns.

If you switch off Cortana and searching the Web from the Start menu, opening Start and typing will send a request to to request a file called threshold.appcache which appears to contain some Cortana information, even when Cortana is disabled.… Read the rest