Structured data lives on

Dell logoDell has commissioned a survey that shows while unstructured data types and novel database management systems are important, traditional relational database management systems (RDBMS) are still holding their own.

Dell Software commissioned Unisphere Research to survey database administrators looking after organisations’ corporate data.… Read the rest

Business misses the mark on Windows Server 2003

Twilight of the Gods, Arthur Packham - Wikimedia CommonsToday marks three months until Microsoft stops supporting Windows Server 2003.

And just like Windows XP, lots of businesses are unprepared for the mess they might get into if they fail to upgrade.

Camwood is understandably interested in the end of Windows Server 2003 because it runs an OS migration service.… Read the rest

NSA wants front door keys

front-door-keyThe US National Security Agency has decided that it is no longer enough for them to have a backdoor access to encryption keys, it wants a front door too.

The Washington Post  said technology companies will have to create a digital key that can open any locked device to obtain text messages or other content, but divide the key into pieces so no one group could use it without the cooperation of other parties.… Read the rest

Belgium challenges software patents

atomium-BelgiumBelgium, normally a highway for Germans wanting to get into France, is sticking a spanner in one of the attempts to bring in software patents into the EU.

The European Software Market Association (ESOMA) and others have asked Belgium’s Constitutional Court to block the Unitary Patent which was an attempt to legalise software patents in Europe.… Read the rest