Zeus is back from the dead

You can’t keep a decent god down. You can nail them up, castrate them, bury them in caves, or seal them in a tree, but on the third day they will always rise up.

Security experts were cheering when they thought they had killed the Zeus botnet. Apparently they had done this by cutting network connectivity to Troyak, an ISP associated with the Zeus botnet.

The sack of Troyak was something that legends are written about but it turns out the shut out was nothing to write Homer about.

Troyak spokesman Roman Starchenko told IDG News Service that the ISP has fixed itself and will become “concrete stable.” We guess it is the sort of thing you keep a concrete trojan horse in.

A concrete stable means that the 68 Zeus botnet command-and-control servers associated with Troyak can reconnect to hacked systems and issue new instructions.

this means that Zeus with its Zeus servers is back online and hurling thunderbolts at those that miffed him. It will probably be making love to beautiful maidens in the form of a swan or a golden shower or something moderately pagan.

Insecurty experts will next try to “de-peer” Troyak from its new service provider, either an ISP named Nassist or its upstream provider, Hurricane Electric.