World Cup malware kicks off on the net

A security company is warning people that certain World Cup links on sites such as Twitter and Facebook may lead people to infected video feeds.

According to CyberDefender if users click on the infected links, which are also being found on Google and Digg, they can inadvertently download malware, spyware, viruses and  Trojans.

It warned footie fans to also avoid websites offering the chance to win “free” tickets to the World Cup claiming these should not be trusted either, but that’s just a bit of common sense really.

People who click on links found on Google/Twitter/Facebook/Digg are re-directed to websites that suggest they can play and win these tickets  but with the caveat that they have to enter their phone numbers. It said that doing this however will result in a recurring charge.

In other instances users are re-directed to splash pages linked to supposedly free games but that are known for spam practices

 To ensure people keep safe online during the World Cup it recommends footie fans stick to branded sports sites like ESPN and Sports Illustrated and avoid sites offering free games, especially if related to promises of free tickets. We don’t know if Sports Illustrated’s cheque to CyberDefender is in the post.