WordPress makes it easy to set up your own pirate site

A WordPress plugin makes it dead easy to uncensor blocked websites and set up your own proxy site.

While the tool is designed to allow free speech in repressive regimes, it can also be used to stop ISPs blocking sites like Pirate Bay.

Pirate sites are blocked in Italy under former Prime Minster Silvio Berlusconi. Berlusconi made money from running a telly empire so leaning on ISPs to enact a voluntary form of SOPA law was a vested interest.

However following the SOPA and PIPA protests politicians which are seen supporting similar censorship are being seen as self-serving weasels who take bribes from Big Content to take away the freedoms of ordinary people. And there is support for those who would otherwise be called pirates.

According to Torrent Freak one of these projects is the RePress plugin for WordPress. It is developed by the hosting company Greenhost and allows everyone with a WordPress blog to start a proxy for sites that are censored elsewhere in the world.

Greenhost have setup a Pirate Bay and Wikileaks proxy. By adding the plug-in to your WordPress website it will start functioning as a proxy and uncensor any blocked website you’d like,” Greenhost explains.

All you need is a WordPress website and the ability to install new plug-ins. After that you can maintain a list of websites you’d like to keep open freely available on the web.

So far the outfit has provided people in the Netherlands full access to The Pirate Bay when the recent court order is enforced.

The plugin can’t prevent domain names from being seized, it will bypass all of the common blocking measures that are used today.

The software can be downloaded in the WordPress repository.