Wikileaks leaks

A German magazine claims that Wikileaks is leaking documents that it does not want seen by the great unwashed yet.

German rag Der Freitag has found a batch of online unredacted diplomatic cables that came from WikiLeaks.

Editor Steffen Kraft has been telling the world, plus dog, that he found a “password protected csv file” that contained a 1.73GB cache of diplomatic cables from WikiLeaks. Apparently the password was not difficult to find.

Many of the documents uncovered by Der Freitag had been published by WikiLeaks in the past. But in this file they contained “named or otherwise identifiable ‘informers’ and ‘suspected intelligence agents’ from Israel, Jordan, Iran, and Afghanistan.

Der Freitag has not published info or even proved that they were real. Der Spiegel, another German paper, has admitted that they are real, however.

Kraft claimed that former WikiLeaker Daniel Domscheit-Berg could be responsible. The WikiLeaks spokesperson quit after a tiff with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Daniel Domscheit-Berg claimed that he destroyed more than 3,500 unleaked documents to protect sources for whom Assange could not guarantee safety.

It is possible those documents weren’t actually destroyed. Other candidates for leakage include the Guardian, the New York Times, and El Pais.