Wikileaks did the US a favour

Online whistleblowing site, Wikileaks did the US a favour by exposing how nasty foreigners really are, according to a former presidential advisor.

Professor Mike Nelson who helped Barack Obama get elected and was Al Gore’s science advisor said that WikiLeaks’ leaking of classified information should be considered a blessing for the US government.

Chatting to Computer World, Nelson said that while there had been some embarrassing things coming out of the Wikileaks leaks, most of those exposed “hypocritical foreign leaders” that American diplomats had to deal with.

US diplomats came out looking pretty good because the same thing they were saying in private was the same thing they were saying in public. It all provided a lot of the justification for policies that the US government had been undertaking for years, he said.

Iranian presiden, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, held a press conference to denounce WikiLeaks as a fraud because of leaked cables describing meetings between US ambassadors and heads of state in Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Ahmadinejad thought the cables were a fraud because he believed tat he was well loved by his Arab brothers, but the cables showed they thought he was barking mad and wanted the US to do something about him.

Nelson said that releasing this information gives people a better understanding of the challenges that US foreign policy makers face.

He thinks that if the memos were better worded they would have not been embarrassing at all.

Nelson added that it was possible to get more open governments, if officials had thought about making the basic analysis available throughout the government and to the public in some form. Had they done so they would have done it more sensitively rather than verbatim comments.