Wikileaks' Bradley Manning bloke faces many more charges

The US Army has finally found 22 new charges it can level at the soldier believed to have handed over diplomatic cables to the online whistleblowing site Wikileaks.

According to Reuters the evidence against Bradley Manning, a former intelligence analyst suspected of obtaining the documents while serving in Iraq, followed a seven month investigation.

The new charges include a charge of ‘aiding the enemy’ and ‘wrongfully causing intelligence to be published on the Internet’.

The 23 year old had racked up charges including downloading and transmitting to an unauthorised person a classified video of a 2007 helicopter attack that killed a dozen people in Baghdad, including two Reuters employees.

The military says that it will not seek the death penalty against Manning but admitted that ‘aiding the enemy’ charge is a capital offence under military law. It seems fairly certain that he could be locked up for the rest of his life.

The big idea is that the US Army will scare the willies out of those who think it a good idea to tell the world when it fires upon civilians.

Currently his trial has been delayed as a panel looks into his mental state. Depending on the results of that panel, a grand jury may be convened.