Why companies should ban social notworking

An insecurity firm has warned that companies need to block social notworking site access to their employees .

According to a Sophos survey of nearly 500 companies worldwide, the number of firms that reported attacks through social media increased by 70 percent compared with the year before.

Apparently the bloke in the security department is getting concerned that employee antics on social-networking sites are exposing companies to attacks. Sixty percent of interviewees told Sophos said they were most concerned about security vulnerabilities in Facebook.

Sophos senior security adviser Chet Wisniewski said that criminals banked on the inherent trust people have with their contacts.

He said that social media provided criminals with an opportunity.

“When I get a message on Facebook from my wife and I see a link, I’m going to click it, ” he added.  Although if she sent you an ordinary mail with a link you would open that too.  We are not sure if social notworking media makes the fact that if you don’t open mail from your missus you are unlikely to get sex for a week.

Phishing schemes and malware attacks – malicious programs that aim to steal private information or control a victim’s computers – expanded their presence in social media sites by around 10 percent in the past eight months, he warned.

“People reporting spam went from a third to half of all companies. Two out of five are having issues of malware coming from social media,” Wisniewski said.

The biggest pain is the Koobface worm which appears to be evolving. In 2009, the worm became capable of automatically registering a Facebook account, befriending strangers and posting malicious content on the walls of potential victims. Next it will be pay taxes and applying for a council house for its family of bots.

A third of the firms said they have blocked Facebook from employees’ computers because it hampers productivity. However others say that barring social media is not a good idea because many professionals regularly use social media to stay connected to their customers.