We are under cyber attack, US Army moans

The US Army,  which has adopted a policy of dealing with enemies by flinging as many bullets in their general direction as possible is finding itself under attack where it can’t fight in its traditional manner.

Gen. Keith B. Alexander, who also heads the National Security Agency, the nation’s largest intelligence agency said that the government is seeing “hints” that adversaries are targeting military networks for “remote” sabotage,.

He said that the potential for sabotage and destruction is now possible and something we must treat seriously. The Department of Defense must be able to operate freely and defend its resources in cyberspace.

The US government has been largely pants at defending its own computers from cyber attack. If British UFO spotters can get in and turn them over we would have thought the situation would be so bad that US generals would have to write to Beijing everytime they want their passwords changed.

Alexander said he is concerned about the safety of computer systems used in war zones. If we don’t defend our systems, people will be able to break them. Normally they just drop them.

James A. Lewis, director of CSIS’s Technology and Public Policy Program, said advanced armies were capable of destroying US computer systems. This problem was not around four years ago.

Alexander stressed that the Command will focus on protecting the U.S. military’s 15,000 computer networks under oversight of the special Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, Congress and the administration. His remarks were aimed at assuaging concerns over the NSA’s role in helping to protect civilian and private-sector networks, as well as fears of a “militarisation” of cyberspace.