Virus repair cost a man $6 million

A US court has heard how it cost a great-grandson of an oil industry tycoon at least $ 6 million after he took his computer in to the workshop to repair it after it was infected with a virus.

The victim was probably jazz pianist and composer Roger Davidson, an heir of oil tycoon Conrad Schlumberger, although the authorities have refused to name him.

The victim took his computer to 36-year-old Vickram Bedi and his girlfriend Helga Invarsdottir after it developed a virus.

According to prosecutors, the pair cooked up a scheme which convinced Davidson that his life was in danger.

They told him that while investigating the virus, they had found that the virus had been tracked to a hard drive in Honduras. OK, this is a pretty good service. Most computer repair places would have wiped the hard-drive and reinstalled the operating system. Tracking down the source of the virus is not something they tend to do.

But the victim apparently didn’t know that. According to the New York Daily News, which we get for the free bagel, media friendly Bedi claimed his uncle was an Indian military officer who was sent on a reconnaissance mission to Honduras and seized the hard drive of the computer virus culprits.

“Bedi further related that his uncle obtained information that Polish priests affiliated with Opus Dei were attempting to possibly harm the victim,” prosecutors said.

Apparently the CIA had contracted the computer repair shop worker o prevent the priests from infiltrating the U.S. government.

The victim paid the pair up to $160,000 a month for physical protection, because you often pay for protection from your computer repairshop. Inspector Knacker uncovered the scam in July and alerted the victim.

Bedi and Invarsdottir, the daughter of a wealthy businessman from Iceland, were arrested Thursday and arraigned Friday on charges of felony grand larceny.

Media friendly Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos said that stories don’t get much more far fetched than this, but they do underline the importance for everyone to be on guard against scams.

Shesh, we are more worried about a plot by  right wing Opus Dei Catholic priests to infiltrate the US government, which suspiciously is not being investigated.