USA ID card "will change relationship between citizen and state"

A proposed immigration bill that will be reviewed by President Barack Obama later this week will suggest biometric cards for all US workers, provoking alarm from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

The big idea is to limit the number of immigrant workers being employed by unscrupulous employers – senators Chuck Schumer (Democrat NY) and Lindsey Graham (Republican, SC) are in charge of a review of immigration and it’s almost certain an ID card will be part of the proposed legislation in a bill.

But Chris Calabrese, legislative counsel of the ACLU, told TechEye that not only would the system not work, but that unscrupulous employers would dodge the system.

He said: “It will also be enormously costly.” He said it would mean fingerprinting everyone and the system could quickly spread to such American rights as owning guns. It could also be tied into the voting system, he said.

He said that a national ID system would “almost certainly” be part of the proposal by the two senators.

Calabrese said he was was concerned the system would be misused for controlling peoples’ movements, demanding people’s “papers” on the street, and fundamentally changing the relationship between the citizen and the state.

President Obama wants to see both main political parties coming together to create an overhaul of the system, to reduce illegal immigration and to provide safeguards of the system.