US whistle blower watchdog wiped his hard drive

The US watchdog who was in charge of protecting whistle-blowers during the reign of George  Bush has been charged with withholding information from Congress.

According to the Washington Post, Scott Bloch, former head of the Office of Special Counsel, was under investigation by federal authorities and a House of Representatives committee over allegations he mistreated employees.

In 2006 Bloch had told the House Oversight Committee he hired an outside computer service to wipe his computer’s hard drive to remove a virus and fight a hacking threat.

It might have been fair enough, but for some reason Bloch did not refer to his in house techies to fix the virus, if they needed to, wipe the hard drive.

According to the prosecution, Bloch lawfully and wilfully withheld pertinent information from a committee investigating him in March 2008.

Bloch cleaned out his desk in October 2008.  His job was to make sure that government whistle-blowers are protected and that the federal bureaucracy is not used for political ends.