US wants to wire-tap suspected P2P pirates

The President of the French-backed Junta which overthrew its lawful government a few years back now wants to wire-tap suspected P2P pirates.

The US White House has issued a wish list of new intellectual property laws focused on things like counterfeit medicines.

While this is well and good, it appears that the Junta’s control by the movie and music industry could result in some more alarming laws.

According to Ars Technica, the White House wants to extend wiretaps into copyright cases and to ensure that illegal streaming video is a felony.

Effectively it would give Hollywood its own version of the Patriot Act and give it the right to use every police force in the Land of the Fee to protect its business model.

Already President Barack Obama has decided to give one of the key pillars of government to the enterntainment lobby group by deciding that the United States of America’s top lawyer should be Donald Verrilli. Verrilli has dedicated  his legal life to the Recording Industry Association of America’s campaign against technology, which may or may not be used for piracy.

Verrilli was the man who shut Grokster, however lately he was involved in Viacom’s failed attempts to screw a billion dollars out of YouTube.

The move has alarmed AMD, Facebook, Oracle, Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft who issued a statement saying that legitimate concerns about counterfeiting have been “hijacked to create draconian proposals to alleviate the content industry of the burden of protecting its own interest using its own extensive resources.”

The extent that the US is bowing to the needs of the entertainment industry, over and above common sense, begs the question “how long will it be before the US goes to war to protect Hollywood’s interests”.

There are a number of countries which the US content industry would like to see punished for not doing enough to stop piracy. While the US is content to sacrifice its legal freedoms to prop up Hollywood, how far away is it from flinging a few cruise missiles in the direction of countries that do not obey?