US top brass gives its military networks a "c" for security

The Pentagon’s Cyber Command top brass General Keith Alexander has said that the US military networks had a long way to go before they could defend themselves against a serious cyber attack.

Alexander said that things are better than they were, but the military needed to do more to remedy its vulnerabilities.

According to CBR when asked by the House Armed Services Committee hearing to give computer systems a grade, Alexander said that he would probably give it a C.

The C is mostly for effort as the military is working extremely hard on building the hardening part of our networks.

He would like to say ‘A’ but I think it’s going to take some time to get to an ‘A’.

To Alexander, you only get an A when nobody can penetrate the network.

But the last two years have seen huge improvements in the defences against cyber attacks.

He said that it was now extremely difficult for adversaries to get in and every day the Military improves that.

One of the problems that the US has is that it needs more people and resources to defend the country from concerted cyber attacks. US government systems are attacked a million types a day.

The military does not have the capacity to do everything it needed to do. He said that a crisis would quickly stress US cyber forces.