US spooks arrest artist for tinkering with Apple Macs

Tinkering with Apple computers in one of its cathedrals of shallowness is now a terrorist act.

According to AP, the fruity cargo cult called in the US Secret Service after it discovered that some of the Apple Macs in its New York Store had been profaned by unauthorised software which appeared to take pictures of customers.

It all started when artist Kyle McDonald installed a program on computers in two New York Apple Store locations that automatically took a photo every minute.

His idea was to capture people’s expressions as they stare at computers, he thought that if people saw their expressions while using computers they would think a little bit more about how they were using them.

He went into the Apple store and installed his software, because it is really easy to do. In fact it was so easy he set it up on 100 Apple store computers so that they would send the pics to his server every minute.

Since the stores wiped their computers every night, he had to go back in and reinstall the program daily.

He uploaded a collection of the photos to a Tumblr blog, and last Sunday he set up “an exhibition” at the two cargo cult cathedrals.

When people looked at an Apple machine, they saw a picture of themselves. Then they saw photos of other people staring at computers. No one complained.

McDonald told AP that we have a certain expression on our face while we use computers that cuts us off from social interaction.

McDonald figured that Apple had decided the program wasn’t a big deal, until four secret service men in suits woke him up with a search warrant for computer fraud.

They confiscated two computers, an iPod and two flash drives.

Apparently Jobs’ Mob had decided that McDonald’s art project was an act of terrorism and called out the biggest guns it could find, next to the army.

Right now McDonald has no computers, and is wondering if Apple will let him back into its store to buy a new one.