US right starts hacking

US right wing groups are turning to hacking web sites that disagree with them.

Websites which are critical of the Tea Parties, Sarah Palin, the right wing overreaction to health care reform have begun experiencing DDoS attacks.

Sites like Politicususa have been bought down and four other lefty sites which ran stories on Sarah Palin were also attacked.

It follows window smashing campaigns and attacks on liberal supporters and ironically Democratic Party offices.

The US has seen a dramatic rise in “Patriot” groups over the last year. Some of them believe it is the god given right to bare arms which apparently means cutting them off a black person.

One of the more alarming trends has been the rise in the number of Militias from 42 to 127 since 2008.

But the use of the Internet to shut down the Liberal voice seems to be a little more popular than the usual lynchings and shoots. That is the sort of action that “middle America” which is supposed be behind the Teatime groups is likely to support.

Progressive liberal blog, has been under a major DDoS assault for the past ten days in retaliation for several stories about the Tea Party movement, right wing violence, and Sarah Palin.

PoliticusUSA owner/administrator Jason Easley wrote that the politically motivated attacks are just a temporary delay.

“These malicious attacks will not deter us from providing the best quality coverage of both progressive politics and the extremist behavior of the right wing, the Tea Party movement, Sarah Palin and the GOP. Our first amendment rights will not be deterred by illegal attempts to intimidate us or silence our criticisms. ”