US parents want to spy on kids' driving

US parents have been at the forefront of over protecting their precious little snowflakes for many years now.

Not only do they demand that their television be censored into next week, but they routinely check emails to see that they are not being closely monitored by a paedophile.

Now the latest craze for over protective parents is two-way cameras which will monitor teens as they drive. The camera is placed on the rear-view mirror in the centre of the windscreen. It tapes both footage of the driver and his view of the road ahead.

Dubbed DriveCam, the beast records all conversations which are taking place in the car, so that parents will know if they are distracted or having a snog.

Should a driver have an accident, violently swerve or even brake too hard, a video of what happened before and after the event is sent by the insurance company to the teenager and his parents.

Of course the idea is that the teen will drive sensibly and therefore prevent deaths on the road caused by careless and inexperienced drivers. The reality is that you get your kid used to a big brother environment and expect their parents to control their lives until they are in their sixties.

The whole nightmare has been dreamed up by the American Family Insurance company.

Somehow the very mention of the phrase American Family in an organisation’s title conjures up images of a Nazi environment of out-of-date values with a pill-popping hyper-neurotic mother and a right-wing control-freak father.  A land where hyphens are out of control.

Unfortunately while government organisations will rush to take perfectly happy children into care, if social services think they do not go to church enough, they will not “think of the children” long enough to break up these hotbeds of neurotic parenting.