US overwhelmingly trounces China in generating spam

China has stayed off Sophos‘ top 12 spam relaying countries for July to September 2010, and the United States is at number one yet again.

One in five spam messages are sent from the US, according to the report, making up 18.6 percent of all spam relayed. Next is India at 7.6 percent, followed by Brazil at 5.7 percent, France at 5.4 percent and the UK at 5.0 percent. So the US has over double the spam India is generating – yet the common view is that junk emails tend to be from China or India.

China did not make the list for the last report, either. Back then Sophos said: “China has earnt itself a bad reputation in many country’s eyes for being the launch pad of targeted attacks against foreign companies and government networks, but at least in the last 12 months they can demonstrate the proportion of spam relayed by computers has steadily reduced.”

“Perhaps the United States should sort out its own back yard when it comes to computer security,” Sophos’ Graham Cluley tells TechEye..

And being fifth on the list, up from 9th when China disappeared, perhaps the United Kingdom should, too. 

Almost all of the spam being sent out is from huge networks of zombie botnets – where users mostly aren’t even aware they’re sending out spam email. 

In terms of continents, Europe is the spammiest overall at 33.1 percent of all spam, followed by Asia at 30 percent, North America at 22.3percent, South America at 11.5 percent and then Africa at 2.3 percent.