US Navy pays to hack into used gaming gear

The US Navy is paying a company a  six figure number to hack into used video game consoles and pull out sensitive information.

Recently, the US government advertised a project which is loooking to develop Tools for Extracting Information from Video Game Systems and it turned out that a contract was signed with the California-based company Obscure Technologies. The US is paying $177,237.50 for the job.

According to ZDNet, the US Navy wants to hack into used foreign consoles.

Obscure Technologies will have to provide monitoring for six new video game systems, and generate data which does not contain any identifiable information from real people from new video game systems.

It will have to design a prototype rig for capturing data from new video game systems and implement the prototype rig on the new video game systems.

The sailors will dig up used video games systems bought on the open market which are likely to contain data and the firm’s toolkit will have to find out what is there.

It is not clear why the navy would get so much mileage from reading gamers’ messages. We guess if a Chinese agent was passing information via a games console it would be useful. But other than learning how to stage a raid on an Orc dungeon we can’t see what the US Navy would get out of it.