US military wants to strike countries in cyber war

The US is once again encouraging a war, but this time it’s against cyber criminals.

Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander, the director of the National Security Agency has waded in claiming the US must fire back against cyber attacks swiftly and strongly.

He said in a 32 page Sentate document, which is preparation for his Senate Armed Services Committee hearing tomorrow and follows his nomination to head Cyber Command, that the US was unprepared for cyber attacks and that the country had to find away to defend its computer networks.  

His ideas to do this was to move to counter or disable a threat even when the identity of the attacker is unknown. He also said the US should not be deterred from going after Iran and North Korea because of the threat of cyber attacks.

“Even with the clear understanding that we could experience damage to our infrastructure, we must be prepared to fight through in the worst case scenario,” he said before admitting that the US had “responded to threats, intrusions and even attacks against us in cyberspace,” and has conducted exercises and war games.

Cyber crime is a big problem, but we’re sure later on down the line the country will find some  reason to take their troops into Iran on the back of this. After all you can’t dig oil through cyber space.